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It's the ultimate travel towel, designed for life on-the-go

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Quick Dry

Dries 3X faster than a standard towel. Keep your pack dry and ditch that damp towel funk!

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Light & Compact

Takes up half the space and weight, making it the most packable towel out-there

Super Absorbent

Absorbs twice as much as an average towel so you can get drier, quicker

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Sand Free

Sand slides off effortlessly so you can leave the beach where it belongs

Over 22 recycled plastic bottles in every towel

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5% of all profits support sustainable travel initiatives

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Customer Reviews

Super impressed with the quality of this towel! Very soft and absorbent, not only did it dry me off, but it managed to dry itself out in an extremely damp enviroment during my camping trip!


Wow! I can't say enough about this towel! Not only was it super compact, extremely light, but dried very quickly and definitely kept the sand at the beach...Each day was a new beach and a new location for a week and it was just like using a fresh towel every time. Even wet sand didn't stick.


This towel dried quickly and was easy to roll up and put back in the mesh bag. I will use this towel a lot for traveling. Took it to Iceland and used the towel several times at the Secret Lagoon. Easy to pack and worth the price.

Robert S.

This is great for traveling light as it comes in a very small package. My daughter took it with her on her trip to Costa Rica and said it came in very handy!


I purchased this towel for a beach vacation and it fit perfectly into my luggage and was very light when taking it around in my backpack on vacation. It was also very practical in terms of water. I recommend this product.


Used this towel in a 10 day sailing trip. Worked out really well and I used as a wrap after drying off after a swim and got a lot of compliments on it.


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Wanderlight Eco-Friendly Microfiber Towels

Wanderlight was founded in 2018 out of Toronto, Canada.  With a goal of helping adventurers everywhere travel lighter and more responsibly, we’ve worked hard to create the best eco-friendly travel microfiber towels on the market.  Our Microfiber Travel Towels are designed to be durable, versatile, light & compact so that you can use them on any adventure. From beaches (shop Microfiber Beach Towels), to backcountry (shop Microfiber Camping Towels), to your post-adventure stretch (shop Microfiber Yoga Towels), Wanderlight is sure to be your go-to towel. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have also just launched our recycled travel towels and will be transitioning our entire product line to this new fabric. These towels are made from recycled plastics that are GRS-certified, diverting waste from ending up in oceans and landfills. This move towards producing more sustainable microfiber towels is just one of the many exciting initiatives we've been working on. We’re continuously striving to improve our products, packaging, and business practices to better align with our mission. Your support of our small business makes it all possible.