Our goal is to make the highest quality travel towels, with the least possible impact on our planet. Here's what we're doing to get there:

Our Design Approach

Plastic to Fabric

1) Used plastics are diverted from oceans & landfills

2) The plastics are shredded into flakes and washed

3) The flakes are extruded into pellets and then yarn

4) The yarn is woven into fabric to make your towel

Since launching our business in 2018, our goal has been to create our towels from fully recycled plastics.  Recycled plastics provide the same technical performance as virgin (new) plastics, but with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.  By using recycled plastics (mainly discarded plastic bottles and fishing nets) to create our fabric, we divert waste from our oceans and landfills, and greatly reduce our dependency on petroleum as a raw material.  

After years of product development and searching for the perfect manufacturing partner, we have finally been able to make the switch. Starting 2021, all the new towels we produce are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Our material is GRS certified, meaning an independent organization has verified the recycled content in the fabric, as well as the responsible social, environmental and chemical practices used in production. 

Packaging Matters

Giving Back

Looking Forward

Better Together

You inspire us and encourage us to strive for better. We truly couldn't do this without your support. So let us know what's important to you. Are there any other areas you’d like to see us prioritize? Do you know of any organizations aligned with our mission that you think we should partner with? We’d love to hear how you think we can improve.